Who We Are

Part of the Acuris family, Perfect Information provides access to over 28million publically listed company filings through advanced search technology and modern interface.

Our products are embedded in your work flow to allow you to improve the quality of your advice and analysis, while drastically reducing the time taken on complex tasks.

Every public company, over 25 years’ history – surfacing buried content and generating unique results.

PI services corporate markets – legal, banking, professional services and consultancy – our products focus on ECM, DCM and M&A activity.

Unrivalled Content

Perfect Information prides itself on having the deepest collection of global listed company information, comprising equity, debt and M&A disclosure, reports/accounts and investor presentations. We mine this disclosure to provide our subscribers with unrivalled access to unique data, terminology and precedents to enable accurate and fast decision-making.

Modern Interfaces

Constantly responding to subscriber preferences, Perfect Information is fast to implement new technologies and interface design to provide users with the fastest and most transparent access to unique, valuable and time-saving information.

Advanced Search Technology

Always aiming to offer pioneering search technology, Perfect Information has the expertise and market understanding to provide varied and intuitive search options for our varied range of practitioner subscribers.